This might be inflammatory, but the idea of progress is complete BS to me. What are we progressing towards? To what ends? To what metrics? I guess what I am really against is anthropocentric notions of progress. That we must pursue science and knowledge for the good of MAN, that we must maximize happiness for MAN, that things are better because MAN has HVAC and TV and vaccines and so on. Not that any of that are bad things, or should be rejected and thrown out wholesale, but that these ideas of progress are mostly to the benefit to man and not the world. I’m not sure what would be abetter notion of progress, but harking back to (1) I would say further development along that evolutionary chain would be one thing I would be interested in.

In (1) I discussed how sensory experience rolls into emotional experience rolls into intellectual development. A good example is how opportunity cost, an intellectual understanding, is similar to regret, which may be a more emotional recognition of pain (sensory). Is there a higher level, beyond intellect that the human mind could tap into for a more nuanced interaction with our environment? Something that could be cultivated with mindful, devoted practice, like art or music or meditation? Maybe it is a personal thing, but this notion of progress fells better to me than working to pay bills by building a better mousetrap and calling that a life…

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