6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 1\ Entropy

The increase of entropy is THE law of the universe.   What is it?   As described before: It is the integral of reversible heat transferred into a system over the infinitesimal change in the temperature of system over which that heat is transferred. In an isolated system entropy always increases or remains static. In … Continue reading 6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 1\ Entropy

6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 2\ The Drawbridge Exercise

Ethics can be tricky.   What is it?   The original story can be found here, but I’ve reprinted it below for you: As he left for a visit to his outlying districts, the jealous Baron warned his pretty wife: "Do not leave the castle while I am gone, or I will punish you severely … Continue reading 6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 2\ The Drawbridge Exercise

6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 3\ Intelligence in evolution

Thinking is weird and doesn’t make much sense. It also kinda sucks.   What is it?   I think human consciousness is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor … Continue reading 6 Things That Blew My F*****g Mind – 3\ Intelligence in evolution

6 Things That Blew my F*****g Mind – 4\ Maxwell’s Demon

I don’t know how to explain this one quickly. Basically, a tiny demon can violate the laws of physics and this tears apart everything we know about reality. I think.   What is it?   Okay, brief overview. Entropy: Shit falls apart. Shit will always fall apart. The universe tends towards disorder. Stop resisting and … Continue reading 6 Things That Blew my F*****g Mind – 4\ Maxwell’s Demon

6 Things That Blew my F*****g Mind – 5\ Roko’s Basilisk

Nerds freak out about whether they’ll go to hell or not   What is it?   Roko’s basilisk is a variation of a well-known thought experiment in game theory called Newcomb’s Paradox. Imagine an alien comes down on Earth and offers you two boxes. Box A has one thousand dollars in cold hard cash. Box … Continue reading 6 Things That Blew my F*****g Mind – 5\ Roko’s Basilisk

6 Things that Blew My F*****g Mind – 6\ Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems

Obviously. I’ve written about this a few times. What is it? Godel’s theorem is mathematical theorem that shows that self-referential statements inevitably occur in a system of axioms, leading any system of axioms to either be incomplete but consistent or complete but inconsistent. This is, of course, an informal introduction. I like this explanation: The … Continue reading 6 Things that Blew My F*****g Mind – 6\ Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems

Some Thoughts on Education – Pt. 2, Possible Solutions

Obviously, I have some thoughts as to possible improvements. One thing I want to shy away from is “Let’s make learning more fun!” or “We need better teachers”. I mean, I agree with those things, but how do we do those things? Just saying it doesn’t make it so. Will these work? No idea. I’m … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Education – Pt. 2, Possible Solutions

Some Thoughts on Education – Pt. 1

The answer is, seemingly, always more education. Any conversation about large issues ranging from voter fraud to climate change inevitably ends with the tract “Well, we need to have better education…” or “In a more educated population, we wouldn’t have this issue!” And it goes on. Excuse me, while I clear a cough that sounds … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Education – Pt. 1

An Engineer’s Apology – A Metamodern Take on Becoming a Dasein Ronin

This blog seems out of left field if you were to simply look at my credentials on paper. Why does an energy engineer write about ideasthesia or anarchism or other esoteric ideas? It’s somewhat simple – they actually do relate to engineering. In fact, engineering is the common thread. It is a truism that we … Continue reading An Engineer’s Apology – A Metamodern Take on Becoming a Dasein Ronin

World War III

I wrote a while ago about how our current social media is driving a society that is becoming more and more isolated. This atomization creates, I argued, a perfect breeding ground for cults and cult-like power structures. I want to revisit that idea and explain exactly why it’s my greatest fear. I believe that everyone … Continue reading World War III

The Scientific Method, Pt. 2 – Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems

Previously I discussed my misgivings about totally subscribing to the scientific method. I was unnerved by many epistemologically unsound underpinnings that seem to show that the scientific method on offers a small light to the corpus of truth. These weren’t criticisms against practitioners or assumed malice at scientists, but actual structural flaws in the system … Continue reading The Scientific Method, Pt. 2 – Godel’s Incompleteness Theorems

The Scientific Method, Pt. 1 – Refutations

*EDIT: I've added links now and I realized I misremembered one of the scientific established facts, so I got rid of that. That's what happens when you write based off the seat of your pants I guess. My bad. I have to begin this by reminding you that I’m an engineer and that, yes, we … Continue reading The Scientific Method, Pt. 1 – Refutations

The Three Gates of the Enemy

In several martial arts styles, there is an attempt to isolate ranges or locales of fighting. In the Chinese arts, like Ving Tsun, Jeet Kune Do, and Bajiquan, these are referred to as gates. Generally, the gates refer to the fist, the elbow and the shoulders, at least in these arts. The theory goes that … Continue reading The Three Gates of the Enemy

Ideasthesia – Art, Genius, Insanity, and Semiotics

Is it possible to feel an idea? Is it possible that rational thought and emotive, sensory, or otherwise phenomenological experiences are tied together? I think this is an important question to ask because so much of what is dictated by culture seems to separate these two modes of experiencing the world around us. We tend … Continue reading Ideasthesia – Art, Genius, Insanity, and Semiotics

Ishmael, Progress, and Talking Animals

You may have been able to ascertain, but a driving force in some of my thought is the fiction book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I suppose you can think of this as a book review, but I also write this as I realize now that what Quinn stopped short of proposing was a vision of … Continue reading Ishmael, Progress, and Talking Animals

Rashomon Revisited

“His argument for these is pretty simple: they ensure that we have a financial stake in being accurate when we make forecasts, rather than just trying to look good to our peers." - Nate Silver, the Signal and the Noise Long time, no update. Not that it’s that important though. But I’m making good progress … Continue reading Rashomon Revisited


If you couldn’t guess by the last post, I was teeing up to something greater. Previously I discussed anarchism and some of the possible reasons to at least consider anarchism as a legitimate political thought. You may remember, I also wrote a mini-series of posts on capitalism, critiques and potential ways to address those critiques. … Continue reading Anarcho-Social-Capitalism

An Anarchist’s View

Let’s first dispel some myths: Anarchy is not chaos. It is not the Purge or the Joker or whatever other construct that has been fed by the media. So what then is anarchism? Taken literally, anarchism is “an” meaning no or not and “archos” meaning leader, ruler, or taken more generally, authority. It essentially proposes … Continue reading An Anarchist’s View

Khutbah #5 – Reflections

.                                                                                                                                              . Freedom of Speech – The Importance of Community – Ayat al-Nur and Guidance – My Advice – Forgive Me .                                                                                                                                               . [In]al-hamdu Lillaahi [nahmaduhu wa] nasta’eenahu wa nastaghfiruhu, wa na’oodhu billaahi min shuroori anfusinaa [wa min sayi’aati a’maalinaa]. Man yahdih Illaahu falaa mudilla lahu wa man yudlil falaa haadiya lahu. Wa … Continue reading Khutbah #5 – Reflections

Khutbah #4 – On the Messenger

.                                                                                                                                           . Freedom of Speech –The Importance of Community – Creation and Love – Ayat al-Nur and Guidance – My Personal Existentialism – Islamic Existentialism – Forgive Me .                                                                                                                                             . [In]al-hamdu Lillaahi [nahmaduhu wa] nasta’eenahu wa nastaghfiruhu, wa na’oodhu billaahi min shuroori anfusinaa [wa min sayi’aati a’maalinaa]. Man yahdih Illaahu falaa mudilla lahu … Continue reading Khutbah #4 – On the Messenger

Khutbah #3 – On Environmentalism

.                                                                                                                                          . Call on Climate Change –– Man’s Regency – On Planting Trees – Conservation of Water (and Energy) – Hima and Conservation Sites – Worship of Nature – Day of Judgement and Planting the Last Seed .                                                                                                                                             . [In]al-hamdu Lillaahi [nahmaduhu wa] nasta’eenahu wa nastaghfiruhu, wa na’oodhu billaahi min shuroori anfusinaa [wa … Continue reading Khutbah #3 – On Environmentalism

Khutbah #2 – On Khutbahs

.                                                                                                                                                   . The Woman who spoke only Quran– the Two Fish – the Nature of Worship – Mortality and Humanity – Meaning and Etymology of Khutbah – Remembrance of Life – the first Khutbah - On Taqwa .                                                                                                                                                   . [In]al-hamdu Lillaahi [nahmaduhu wa] nasta’eenahu wa nastaghfiruhu, wa na’oodhu billaahi min shuroori anfusinaa [wa … Continue reading Khutbah #2 – On Khutbahs

Vertical Farming

The Goal: Vertical Farming - To introduce and accelerate the emergence of vertical farming, which is the production of crops in a controlled indoor environment (CEA – Controlled Environment Agriculture) generally by stacking crops on top of one another for high density and high output. And of course, make a profit off the new technology. … Continue reading Vertical Farming


At this risk of being ageist (which I wholeheartedly accept), I think a primary driving force to explain historical phenomenon can be the changeover from one generation to another. I also believe this is the underlying theory to the American right. Historiography, conservatively. I think, when comparing conservative and liberal thought, we tend to see … Continue reading Generations


Bitcoin is revolutionary. More specifically, blockchain, the technology and mechanism underlying bitcoin is revolutionary. I am by no means a bitcoin maximalist, but blockchain offers significant paths forward for attacking the second gate of the enemy. So here are two I’ve been thinking about: an alternative to the petrodollar and (if this doesn’t get me … Continue reading Blockchain

Rashomon, or Fake News and What To Do About It

So, I’m rehashing an old topic, but one that I’ve never formally written a post about: fake news. It being 2017, the recent spats of fake news, filter bubbles, and misinformation along with (at the moment, as of May 2017, things may change) allegations of Russian interference has several pundits wondering whether we live in … Continue reading Rashomon, or Fake News and What To Do About It

Agriculture and Civilization

I won't beleaguer this point for too long, but there is (I believe) a growing critique of 1) Propaganda and misinformation techniques 2) Capitalism and 3) Civilization. In martial arts, these would be the three ranges or gates of the enemy. I've addressed two of these, but not the third. I don't believe that it … Continue reading Agriculture and Civilization

The Language Revolution

Anthropological thinkers define humanity's trajectory in terms of revolutions - the Industrial revolution, digital revolution, etc. From what I can tell, the latest revolution is the information revolution or the digital revolution, maybe tied with Borlaugh's Green Revolution. But what was the first? History texts say it was the agricultural revolution, but I think there … Continue reading The Language Revolution

Capitalism – Social Business and Government

"Greed is good" is often cited as the core mantra of capitalism. Supposedly greed is the driving force for insuring maximum dividends for shareholders, effective and stable markets, and well-defining pricing mechanisms. But is greed the sole human motivator? Of course not. So why then is there an institution developed so intensely around greed when … Continue reading Capitalism – Social Business and Government

Capitalism – Makerspaces

Generally in history we've only really had two means of production. Mass production, which I would say is an industrial scale, highly engineered enterprise and personalized production, like artisan crafts and bespoke or commissioned works. Recently there has been the emergence of a new thought to production: Mass Customization. Mass Customization is primarily an artifact … Continue reading Capitalism – Makerspaces

Capitalism – John Fullerton’s Regenerative Capitalism

So the first thinker who speaks to some of the points I've been considering lately is John Fullerton. Mr. Fullerton was once the COO of JP Morgan Bank and had a successful career for 20 odd years. During the Morgan-Chase merger he began to question his industry and left. He came to believe that the … Continue reading Capitalism – John Fullerton’s Regenerative Capitalism

Capitalism – Impacts and Ponzi Economics

Ok, so continuing off my previous post, we know what Capitalism is, but why give a crap? Capitalism has been the driving force for American Civilization to attain hegemony. Capitalism offers 1) freedom, 2) mechanistic, efficient markets, and 3) growth. That last one, growth, is its own topic but for this post we should agree … Continue reading Capitalism – Impacts and Ponzi Economics


So lately I've been thinking a bit about this idea of subvertisements. Subverts are basically like ads but with supposedly jarring messages that force you to rethink consumerism or at least the specific think you are consuming. So imagine looking at a soft drink can and seeing the "Capitalism" or "Consumerism" instead of cola. It's … Continue reading Subvertisements


A very interesting process/structure (?) to encapsulate some larger scale system in a small scale system. Literally translates to "small world". I think microcosms are essential to developing an experiment in the scientific method. Creating a microcosm creates an amazing little playground to test and play with ideas. Even the process of creating a microcosm, … Continue reading Microcosms

Appropriate Technology

Somewhat a loaded term, but applicable as I see it. Generally, the notion of "appropriate technology" applies when we talk about renewable or sustainable technologies. So solar panels, LEDs, that sort of thing. Some of these apply almost anywhere, but some do not. For example, in cloudy Michigan you most like will not get as … Continue reading Appropriate Technology

Defending Sociopathy

I think it is fairly well known that corporations display sociopathic behaviors (see the documentary "The Corporation"). Many business founders and commentators have noted that a business generally tends to amplify the characteristics of its founders, so what does a sociopathic corporation say about its founder? It should be noted that the defining trait of … Continue reading Defending Sociopathy

Information Theoretic Thermodynamics

Our current era is wholly devoted to this idea of information but from a physics standpoint several fundamental questions remain unanswered. Questions like, "Is information quantized?" and "is there an energy-mass-information equivalence principle?" still are open ended. One area of particular interest is the relationship between information theory and thermodynamics. Maxwell's Demon posits the existence … Continue reading Information Theoretic Thermodynamics

Biomimetic Engineering

The idea that we look to nature to develop technologies and understand how principles in nature inform design and how design fits in the overall ecosystem deeply resonates with me. I wonder if we could take it to another level by using biomimicry in social engineering. Essentially use our understanding of how other primates or … Continue reading Biomimetic Engineering


As creation evolved, it moved from mechanical interactions with its surroundings to sensory perception. But the sensory perception of a starfish (light or dark) is nowhere near as evolved as the eyesight of, say, a fish. Sensory experience allows us to perceive our environment in rich detail. The next layer of interaction with our surroundings … Continue reading Development