Natural Law

I think that there is some set of laws to animal behavior that must be obeyed or there will serious consequences for violators. I don’t mean in a strictly religious sense either. Call it karma, call it evolutionary stable strategies, call it game theory, whatever. The point is, there exists a set of rules that if broken create feedback loops that pile on any negative consequences to violators. You cannot disobey the law of energy conservation – it just is a law. Just like gravity limits movement, game theory limits options and thus influences behavior. Although, we did learn to fly…

2 thoughts on “Natural Law

  1. There are universals, so it seems. At least, we haven’t yet found any region of the universe where something like gravity doesn’t apply. But maybe there is a law to reality that determines that we can’t observe what doesn’t match our experience in our small corner of existence.

    Here is what is more relevant. More recent research has called into question so much of what we thought we knew about human nature and society. This is because almost all prior research had been done on the WEIRDest of WEIRD populations, specifically white middle class college students in the US and other Western countries. We now realize that this research population is highly unusual compared to the majority of humans on the planet.

    So, game theory, for example, might not be as universal as we thought or not in the way we thought. That issue is further challenged because of the present replication crisis. It turns out that so much of older research can’t be replicated.


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